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Sanctuary OTR is a Cincinnati church located in the Over-the-Rhine community. We meet on Sunday mornings at the Woodward Theater at 11am. Quest, our kids programming, also happens during the 11am gathering. Check out our events page for special events throughout the month.                                                   

Woodward Theater
1404 Main St
Cincinnati, OH 45202


What to Expect


Worship is all about re-focusing our lives around God and the story He is writing right now. It is a time to let go of distractions and stresses and remember the purpose for which we live. We use all different types of art forms to worship, but it's less about whether you sing or how you do it, and more about where you focus your mind during this time. For the people who aren’t sure what they believe, this is a great time to ask yourself, “What is it that I live for? Am I staying true to that?” We invite kids to participate in the music with their families. After worship time, we invite kids to participate in our children's program, Quest, designed specifically for them.  


We believe the Bible is God’s Word to and for us. We believe it pertains to our lives as much today as when it was originally written. During each Sunday morning gathering, a speaker will explain what a specific passage of scripture originally meant and how it applies to our lives today.


Communion is a way to remind us of our personal need for Jesus, and to abandon anything that takes the place of Him in our lives. At Sanctuary, we go up to the front of the auditorium during worship for communion. When you’re ready, get in line and wait for a communion station to open up. Celebrate this on your own or with a group. We ask that you dip the cracker into the juice.


We believe prayer is an essential part of our community time as well as our individual lives. It’s another way we worship God and experience Him on a deeper level. If you have any sort of spiritual, emotional, or physical need, or would just like encouragement, please feel free to come up for prayer during the designated time. Our prayer team is available even after the celebration ends.


We believe that everything we have—our time, our creativity, and our money—are God’s. Giving is a continuation of the re-focusing of our lives around God. By giving our personal belongings freely towards things God cares about, our hearts are brought more and more in line with God’s heart. 25% of all the money that comes into Sanctuary goes back out into local and international missions to love the marginalized. At Sanctuary, we don’t believe that God cares as much about how much you give, as much as the heart with which you give. If you are new or uncomfortable, please feel no pressure to give.

Quest Children’s Ministry

A place where kids, big and small, learn that Jesus is on a quest for them and how they can be on a quest for Jesus. Serving children 4 yrs old - 4th grade during our worship gathering. At Quest, our goal is to help build a spiritual foundation for children: a foundation of trust, self concept and a growing understand of God. As your child grows with us, we will be sharing basics of a walk with God including experiencing worship, discipleship, and community. For kids who are 3mo-3yrs old, we've created a special area that consists of small tables and chairs, coloring pages, books, toys and other quiet activities.



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