In medieval times, the church was at the forefront of artistic movements like the Renaissance. But over the centuries, it stopped being a trailblazer. We think outside the box and create a space for creative people to flourish and a place for everyone to belong.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: GO. LOVE. LIVE. We GO to the missing, LOVE the marginalized and LIVE as God's kids. 


Sanctuary is a church in Over the Rhine that is all about creating space for people to belong - a church for the rebellious, rejected and right-brained.

We feel strongly about our neighborhood, OTR. We hope to be a church that really reflects the city, where people from all walks of life feel like they can come and worship together in bigger ways.
— Greg Knake, Sanctuary OTR, lead team

the Hills we die on


We believe that everyone brings something to the table. We want to equip and encourage people to become all that God has intended them to be, to live in God’s big story with passion, intentionality, and knowing that we are each examples to others to do the same.


We believe that we have been blessed to be a blessing to others and that God is looking for conduits of his grace and generosity. Everything we have in life has been given to us to both enjoy and be a blessing to others.


We believe in being genuine with ourselves, owning our vulnerabilities and accepting who we are. Being open and courageous in self-disclosing and sharing who we are with others. We value authenticity over image management because biblical community is built on honesty and transparency.


We believe that missionaries are not just people who go “do” something. Our missional identity is primarily who we are - not what we do. As believers, we literally become part of God’s family. This is who we are―not what we do. To be missional is to have our lives radically oriented around being disciples and making more disciples.


We believe art and creativity have value because we are image bearers of God-because God is creative and the ultimate creator, so are we. Thus, if God does something, and models it for us, we should treat it as valuable. Our best efforts should be expended. We should eschew cheap knock-offs. Creative efforts deserve our best because God is worthy of our best.

How It All Began

Two guys got coffee in the Fall of 2014. That's how this started. Well, it actually started even earlier than that when the dream was planted in each of their hearts, but Sanctuary's story begins there. 2 guys, together, dreamt of a church where the Kingdom of God could flourish in the way it did around Jesus: where everyone experienced how they belonged. Greg and Shawn were dreaming and scheming. Greg had started Beer & Hymns a few months earlier to connect to the rebellious, rejected and right brained in our neighborhood of Over the Rhine. Shawn stepped in to help. 

As they began to meet more folks, they started a small community group in Greg's living room. For a year and a half, everyone who came shared what this church would mean to them. And we decided to move forward as a family on mission, working toward the goal of creating space for everyone to belong. We all had seen too many people get left out of the story God is telling in our city and in our neighborhood. Could it be possible for a church to reflect the neighborhood? As we dreamt, we tried things. We began storytelling nights and worship gatherings and potlucks, all with the hope of building a deeper community rooted in the Gospel of Jesus. 

In Summer of 2016, as the community group was growing, the group decided that if they were going to reach this neighborhood, it was time to take a risk and begin having weekly Sunday morning worship gatherings. While we had some committed members, there were still things we needed before we could fully launch. Northstar Community Church in Loveland invited us to become part of the Go.Love.Live. Family, where we'd work side by side as sister churches on mission in the city. Same mission. Same family. Different contexts and leadership, much like the churches of Acts and the Epistles. 

On October 2nd, 2016, we had our first worship gathering and haven't looked back since. It is our mission to go to the missing, to love the marginalized, and to live as God's kids. We continue to live this call week in and week out all with the hope of creating space for everyone to belong.